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Worship is...

Music is...


Usually an hour, sometimes we go over when we're having fun, but we try to keep it to an hour.


Traditionalish? We sing good old hymns & we sing things like Phil Phillips, Home. We follow a bulletin but don't get bogged down by structure. 


Experienced in jeans, flip flops, fancy hats, ties, get the picture. Dress how you dress, keep in mind some sort of clothing would be optimal. 


Inclusive, especially for Communion/Eucharist/The Lord's Supper: We celebrate an open table at Grace.  If you want to be in God's presence, then you are welcome to take communion--you don't have to be a member or a regular attender or earn that right in any way.  We believe Jesus earned that right for you.


PRO KIDS! We want you and your kids to be comforatable. Kids of all ages are welcome in worship. However, if you or your child is more comfortable in the nursery (0-5) or would like to leave for Godly Play (1st-5th grade), that option is available too. PS a crying baby won't get you a dirty look.

Worship music is ever-changing, diverse, and open to anyone. No tryouts are needed!


We mostly use the piano during worship to lead hymns and anthems. 

Throughout the year we have guest musicians such as a jazz band, trumpeters, strings, a cowboy gospel band, and more.


But week to week, you will find a talented, dedicated group of Grace musicians who lead worship by singing in our choir, playing handbells, or other instruments. 


Want to sing or play?

Choir Practice  /  Sundays 9am  /  Choir Room

Handbell Practice  /  Thursdays 5pm  /  Music Room




Why, yes, our Music Director and Pianist are wonderful, thanks for noticing!


Learn more about Music Director Brittney and Pianist Pat by clicking here


Music Notes