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Grace Changes Bad News to Good News

Worship is...

Music is...


Celebratory. We take God seriously, but we are rarely somber.  


Inclusive. Whoever you are you are welcome here. If you want to be in God's presence, you are invited to share in the Lord’s Supper at Grace.


Relaxed. We generally follow a traditional order of worship, but we are comfortable things up sometimes.


Usually an hour, sometimes a little over—sometimes a little under.


Experienced in jeans, flip flops, fancy hats, ties, get the picture. No judgement here.


PRO KIDS! We want you and your kids to be comfortable. Kids of all ages are welcome in worship. However, if you or your child is more comfortable in the nursery (0-5).

Worship is rich with a variety of music. Our hymns are usually accompanied by piano, but sometimes you'll hear guitar, ukulele, or drum. For some music, people will shake a tambourine or maracas. 

Week to week, you will find a talented, dedicated group of Grace musicians who lead worship with solos or ensembles and by singing in our choir, playing hand bells, or other instruments. 

Throughout the year we have guest musicians such as a jazz band, trumpeters, strings, and more.

Why, yes, our Music Director and Pianist are wonderful, thanks for noticing!

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