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Your Support Changes Us

Money is not a dirty word and should be talked about. We aren't the kind of church that makes you give...or else. We do not require giving for membership nor will we ask you for money to amend for wrongdoing. Nope. None of that. However, without money and planned giving, our sustainability will always be in question.

Without people who contribute to the financial well-being of Grace, we would be up a creek. 


That's why we are so thankful for every single dollar that comes through our doors. Your regularly planned giving keeps the lights on, sprays the bugs, pays the staff, buys food for the Food Pantry, buys the coffee that sustains us all on Sunday (okay, and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday), and so much more. 

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Is my financial info safe? Yes, we use PayPal for online giving. We also use PayPal Kiosk for our giving platform in the back of the church--this service allows you to give on site with any card, without a PayPal account. 

Will I get a tax statement? Yes, we will send you a letter with you year-end giving. Just make sure we know it was you who gave.


How else can I give if I'm having a hard year? There are plenty of ways! Bring a meal, help with odd projects, drive someone to anyone on staff if you'd like to see what options are available.

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