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Generosity Changes the World

We do not give to win God’s love or mercy or blessing. We give in response to love and mercy and blessing. Generosity changes the world and brings joy to the giver. Supporting the work of the church, with money, time and talents, makes us partners in God’s transforming work. What could be better than that! 


Every dollar given helps keeps the lights on, pay the staff, buy the coffee, help the homeless, the hungry, the immigrant, the battered, the prisoner, and so much more.

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Is my financial info safe? We use PayPal for online giving.  PayPal's platform uses the highest security measures possible, including end-to-end encryption, to protect all transactions.

Will I get a tax statement? Yes, we will send you a letter with you year-end giving. Just make sure we know it was you who gave.


How else can I give if I'm having a hard year? There are plenty of ways! Bring a meal, help with odd projects, drive someone to anyone on staff if you'd like to see what options are available.

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