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What We Live By

We are imperfect followers of Jesus Christ, continually being transformed by God’s love and forgiveness. We are building a vibrant, welcoming community that expresses that love in word and in action.  Together we will nurture, be nurtured, and bring help and hope to the world.

Stuff to Know

1. We're Presbyterian (PCUSA), which helps form our theology and the way we run things. But, there are tons of people at Grace who grew up Catholic, Baptist, nothing, or other. We hope people come to Grace because we include all kinds of people, because we foster spiritual growth, and because people feel good/inspired/helped/included by our fellowship, not just because of our denomination. 


2. You don't have to "join as a member" to belong to the Grace Family. 


3. Are you Military? You're in good company, so are many of us! We seek to support military families in the many ways they need support, including supporting spouses when partners are deployed. Just let us know you're military, and we'll be glad to join you in your journey (whatever it might bring.)

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Worship + Music

Worship at Grace is relaxed but meaningful, not stuffy, helps you learn more about your faith, and hopes to send you into your week refreshed and ready to offer holiness to the world around you. 

Click here to learn more about what to expect or how to get involved in various types of worship music. 


Our staff is awesome, and you'll definitely want to get to know them. For good practices and saftey, each of our staff has had a background check. We also check to make sure we're treating them well!


To learn more about who they are and how they make Grace go, click here. 

Calendar + Events

Oh my goodness, we have so much going on. But don't worry, you're not expected to do everything--come to events that you're interested in and that will feed your soul. 


Click here for our calendar. 


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