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Who We Are

We are imperfect followers of Jesus Christ, continually being transformed by God’s love and forgiveness. We are striving to build a vibrant, welcoming community that expresses that love in word and in action.  Together we will nurture, be nurtured, and bring help and hope to the world.

By the grace of God, we are building a culture which reflects our values as Christ’s community. We want the soul of the congregation to be marked by:

Belonging beyond welcoming or accepting into “us” or including with “us”; we become a new “us.”
Sharing resources and ministry with the whole worshiping community in a way that embodies the belief that all belong.
Intolerance of words or deeds that exclude people who want to share our mission and goals.
Openness to examining our own values, beliefs, and ethics to recognize and unlearn harmful thought-patterns and behaviors. 
Communicating who we are, what we believe, and whom we serve with the radical openness and love of Christ.

We will be Grace because “Grace Changes Everything” giving worth to each person, understanding that we are each saved only by grace, and practicing compassion, generosity, kindness, forbearance, and mercy in the church and in the world.

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