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Church Family Hike

May 22nd, time and location, TBA

Let's hike! Whether it's you, you and your 5 kids, your grandkids, or your parrot, we hope you'll want to greet God's creation with the help of Grace Community

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Virus Info

Check here for continued updates

Our task force is organized and ready to bring you community without in person meeting. 

Check here for info.

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Youth Group!

Every Thur from 5:30-6:30pm

Our Youth Group is combined Jr. and Sr. High. We play games, make noise, sometimes eat, there's always carrots, and we learn the life of Christians. We respect the youth's beliefs and no one is asked to say or participate in things they don't want to.


Bible Study

Wednesdays, 2pm, Zoom

Bible Study is for all ages, all levels. We dig into the Scripture for that Sunday. We ask questions, laugh, think, and grow. You don't have to know anything or study anything prior to the study. 

To learn more and get the Zoom link, email Holly. 


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