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Deacons – A ministry of welcome, care and compassion

Grace has a rotating Board of Deacons who are elected by the congregation to serve.  They care for members in need, sending cards, making calls, facilitating home meals and funeral luncheons. Deacons grow a welcoming community and encourage everyone to use their gifts for ministry.

With God’s help, the Deacons of Grace Presbyterian Church covenant to work together to:

  • be conduits of grace, spreading God’s love by welcoming, loving and nurturing people;

  • build community and relationships by being inclusive;

  • lead in love to inspire, encourage, equip the congregation in their lives of discipleship; 

  • be transformed by the Spirit in spite of our imperfections;

  • build Christ’s Church as a priesthood of all believers where everyone has purpose. Help people find gifts and ways to apply them, support each other spiritually and socially;

  • clarify with grace, practice empathetic listening and response. Be positive, accepting, and present, ask questions, communicate frequently and clearly, accept criticism, stay engaged and connected.

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