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Outreach is something Grace is passionate about. We have varied ways we reach out into our community. Check out our four major areas below to find out how you want to reach out to those near and far. 

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Border Connections

We have three ministries we support, financially and hands on, that directly effect refugees, learn more

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Local and afar, our Mission team keeps Grace on the move all year long. Learn more about where, why, and what we do. 


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Community Development

Our Community Development Team is always busy trying to find new dirt to get their hands into. To learn more about the development of community gardens, Fresh Beginnings, and other community ventures, click here


North East Community Food Pantry

The second largest food pantry in El Paso, our Food Pantry feeds around 150 families a week. To learn more about the work we do, how to volunteer, or how to reieve food, click here. 



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