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Now that you have found us online, we'd love to find you in our sanctuary, at a Pasos de Fe clinic, at the food pantry, for lunch, growing food in our gardens, singing in our choir or band, or in one of  the many places around El Paso, Juarez, and the world you can find us. 

We'd love the chance to share how God's grace has changed and   

is changing us.  Whether you're looking to find community, learning to laugh again, needing a place to grieve, or looking to roll your sleeves up and serve others, Grace Presbyterian has a place and open arms for you. 


How might grace change you?

Worship  10am on Sundays          


Handi-capable? Parking and easier church/sanctuary entry

can be found at the Titanic Street entry (the playground side). 


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Christmas in July

Worship Service

July 18, 10am,

Join us in Grace's Sanctuary as we renew the hope, joy, love and peace that Christmas brings. 


There are many ways to offer to the church, like gifts of money, sure! But, also gifts of time, talent, prayer, and hope. You may offer financially via PayPal here, at the card kiosk in the back of the church, with check or cash in the offering plate during worship, or by auotmtic payment through your bank.

If you'd like to offer gifts of gardening, photography, singing, writing, prayer, or anything else let us know at Your gifts are precious and appreciated. Thank you for supporting the daily functions, outreach, mission, and so much more. Gracias. 







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