Brown Bag Lenten Study


Join us for a Lenten Study where we will explore the stories that surround us, make us, and the ones we tell about our lives. Lent is not just a time to give something up and feel awful about yourself--it's meant to explore your humanity. 

Topics will be structured around the basic elements of a story: characters, plot, setting, conflict, and resolution. Were you more of a math person? Don't worry, you, too, still have each of these elements in your story! No English Degrees required. 

We will meet, eat, and discuss for about 45 minutes. Should be around an hour commitment. 



March 3    6pm          @ Grace with your brown bag dinner (or Whataburger                                         takeout) 

March 10  6pm          @ Grace with your brown bag dinner 

March 17   Bi-Week    We won't meet in person but will give you a                                          take home study, click here


Please check back here for future studies and to know if we are meeting in person or not. 

March 24  6pm           @ ?

March 31  6pm           @ ?

April 7       6pm           @ ?

Worship, Sundays  at 10am 

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