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As things evolve...


During the month of May, we will still be hosting virtual worship services. However, we will have an in-person, parking lot worship service for Pentecost on May 23, 2021. 

We are currently hosting virtual worship every Sunday. It is pre-recorded, so you can join at 10 am or you can worship at your leisure. We are holding some in-person, parking lot worship services. Be on the lookout for those announcements. 

We also have a Zoom fellowship at 10:30 am. To get the Zoom invite, please email or send us a message through the website. 

In-Person Worship Update

Upon the recommendation of the Covid Task Force, the Session has voted for the return process. The Task Force would like to encourage a sense of flexibility as we head back. While we are all very excited about returning, the Task Force must constantly be vigilant about the path of this pandemic. As you consider the following, please keep in mind the difficulty of the task at hand. It is quite a responsibility to make recommendations for the health and safety of a whole church, so please contemplate that this task force has had hard conversations and has asked the Holy to guide us with answers. 

This task force is committed to constantly be on the lookout for CDC recommendations (both for loosening and tightening restrictions) and will be updating regularly as time progresses. 


  • We will return to worship on June 6th, with every other worship service being in person and with a capacity of no more than 60 people. We will ask for congregants to RSVP (more to come with how). 

  • The Task Force is recommended every other week because of the variants. There is a variant affecting children especially. If that variant or any other variant does not respond to the vaccine, the Task Force hopes to have the virtual week in between in-person services so that if we have an outbreak, symptoms have time to show up and we will know to cancel and get the word out. This stops a double outbreak from happening two weeks in a row. 

  • Other items of note: we will have outdoor fellowship, but not indoor fellowship, nor will there be drinks/snacks. We will not be able to sing indoors, however, we are hoping to hold hymn sings in the parking lot before and/or after the service. 

  • Masks are still required.


  • Family Hike: On Saturday, May 22nd, at 10:00 AM families (children, youth, and their families) of all ages and abilities are invited on a hike/nature walk with fun and thoughtful activities along the way! Get out and enjoy the weather!

    • Please remember your mask, sunscreen, and water. Friends are also welcome! Location TBD. We’ll keep you posted! 

  • Pentecost Worship: We will meet in the parking lot for worship on May 23rd for Spirit-filled worship! Wear your red, orange, or yellow to show your spirit!  

    • We will have space available for those who prefer to sit in their cars, but we are hoping to move this service towards more people sitting in chairs. Cars will be in the back​, chairs towards the front. 


Small Groups: As more and more people are getting vaccinated, we are seeing more people venture out! yay! We still want to be cautious (especially with virus variants), but if you'd like to join a small group, please email or send a message through the website.

Food Pantry: Our food pantry is taking a pause. We were leasing space and for several reasons, we needed to move. We hope to re-open in a new capacity and a new place soon. This congregation is dedicated to ending food insecurity and we know that this short pause will allow us to grow and hopefully serve more and more people. 

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