Brown Bag Lenten Study


Join us for a Lenten Study where we will explore the stories that surround us, make us, and the ones we tell about our lives. Lent is not just a time to give something up and feel awful about yourself--it's meant to explore your humanity. 

Topics will be structured around the basic elements of a story: characters, plot, setting, conflict, and resolution. Were you more of a math person? Don't worry, you, too, still have each of these elements in your story! No English Degrees required. 

We will meet, eat, and discuss for about 45 minutes. Should be around an hour commitment. 



March 3    6pm          @ Grace with your brown bag dinner (or Whataburge takeout) 

March 10  6pm          @ Grace with your brown bag dinner 

March 17   Bi-Week    We won't meet in person but will give you a take home study, click here


Please check back here for future studies and to know if we are meeting in person or not. 

Week of March 23   Watch Below


Week 3 Questions to Ponder

Grab some paper, pen. Get in a good thinking place. If you like to color, get some colors! Be as creative as you'd like. Also note, we'd LOVE for you to share the answers to your questions. Either respond via this email or on social media using #gracechangescovid

  1. We've all been stuck inside, bored, anxious or both. So, close your eyes, CLOSE THEM, now what scene would you like to be in? What setting would you prefer to your new COVID setting?

  2. Now that you're in a good place, what scene/setting has been memorable in your life? What made it memorable? Did it smell good? Was it cold? 

  3.  What geography is most life giving to you? Were you born in the country but love the setting? Does you feel "right" on the beach or in Spain? What do you think makes it life-giving?

  4.  Jesus was "from" Nazareth but he called Capernaum home. Do you call someplace other than where your from, home? Do you have a home away from home? What makes it home? What is it different from a favorite vacation place? Who do you spend time with at "home"?

  5.  Last but not least, what scene/setting are you missing most while in lock down? Maybe it's the fellowship hall or a full sanctuary. Maybe it's your office desk or your favorite park, or the scene of a full grocery store full of people without gloves and masks on. 


Tell us about your thoughts. Show us the pictures you draw. Show us pictures of your childhood home or that place that makes you feel like life is winning. #gracechangescovid


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