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Is my financial info safe? Yes, we use PayPal for online giving. We also use PayPal Kiosk for our giving platform in the back of the church--this service allows you to give on site with any card, without a PayPal account. 

Will I get a tax statement? Yes, we will send you a letter with you year-end giving. Just make sure we know it was you who gave.


How else can I give if I'm having a hard year? There are plenty of ways! Bring a meal, help with odd projects, drive someone to church...contact anyone on staff if you'd like to see what options are available.

Worship, Sundays  at 10am 

Taco and Mail Delivery:

Grace Presbyterian Church

8001 Magnetic, El Paso 79904


tel: 915-755-8206

fax: 915-613-1644


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Hunger Action Congregation

We are a Matthew 25 & Hunger Action Congregation

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